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MiJET for Automated Cells

MiJET for Automated Cells


Automated Cell MiJETThis model will accept a part that is 8 inches in length and includes 24V solenoid.Easily integrated into a new or existing cell for automated applications, the MiJET® is actuated with a solenoid. A robot places a part inside the MiJET® for cleaning and prepares the part quickly for gauging. The MiJET® can help keep the automated cell cleaner, and get your product ready for gauging or shipping!


If considering MiJET® integration, it would be helpful for us to have the following information:

  • What size part or parts will you be cleaning?

  • What size is your robot gripper, and can it spin or rotate the part?

  • It is a wet or dry application?

  • What kind of residue needs to be removed?



  • Automotive

  • Firearms

  • Small Parts Manufacturing


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