19" Diameter MiJET - Custom Automation 55" Tall Unit

19" Diameter MiJET - Custom Automation 55" Tall Unit
Brand: Custom Service Solutions
Product Code: 17-12AUTO-15-1231
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This self-contained custom Automation MiJET®uses compressed air and powerful suction for the removal of chips, fines, straight oil or water-based coolant off of parts.

Overall dimensions of 22 inches in diameter by 55 inches tall. For use in an automaticated robotic cell.


  • Captures coolant and chips when blowing off parts … it doesn't end up on your equipment, floors, or facility!
  • Reduces cleaning supplies expense and time.
  • Reduces slips, trips, and falls.
  • Allows cursory inspection of clean parts.
  • Allows recycling of expensive lubricant.
  • Improves inside air quality to help meet OSHA and NIOSH limits on airborne mist.


  • Ready to use with one existing air line.
  • One touch actuation.
  • Includes Prevost OSHA compliant air nozzle and 13 ft. spiral hose with swivel end fitting.
  • 22" diameter footprint.
  • Powered by compressed air.
  • Patented design.

How it works:

  1. (3) individual high flow solenoid valves turn air supply on and off as programmed to upper air knife, lower air knife, and suction fan. (Solenoids not included)
  2. The MiJET® creates suction, pulling lubricant, chips, and air downward, capturing the residue.
  3. Exhaust air is filtered before exiting the MiJET® unit. 

Industries Served:

  • Medical manufacturing
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Firearms manufacturing

Technical Data:

  • Suction: 500 CFM
  • Reservoir capacity: 15 gallons
  • Height: 55 in., Diameter: 22 in.
  • Weight: 82 lbs.
  • Inlet pipe opening: 19.0 inches
  • Sound level: < 86 dB (A)
  • Air requirements: 35 CFM @ 90 psi
  • Air connection requires a 3/8"  fitting (included) 


  • 13-067: High Flow Quick Connect Fitting, Body
  • 13-068: High Flow Quick Connect Fitting, Plug


  • This unit must be shipped by FREIGHT ONLY due to its weight and bulk to avoid shipping damage.
  • Two LTL freight options are available:
  •     (a) Provide a preferred freight carrier collect account number or 3rd party freight billing instructions.
  •     (b) Best Way and we will Prepay & Add.
  • This unit will NOT be shipped using UPS or FedEx small package accounts.

For Sales in New York State: NY sales tax will be refunded once a signed NY sales tax exempt document is received. The document can be scanned and emailed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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