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8" Diameter MiJET Wash Station

8" Diameter MiJET Wash Station
Product Code: 15-08-WSH
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MiJET Deluxe Wash Station for 8" dia. MiJET - with Solvent Container & Parts Basket. Includes table with butcher block top and wheels, enclosed on three sides with retainer hook for easy removal of container for emptying.  Loc-Line nozzle, flow control, pneumatic fluid pump, fluid filter, and hand-held air nozzle.

Part Number: 15-12-WSH
Dimensions: 35” H x 24.25”L x 24.25” Depth
Weight: 142 lbs.


  • Combines the functionality of washing and drying with a 8” dia. MiJET®, parts washing dip container, and fluid pump for washing parts.
  • Includes a pneumatic recirculating fluid pump, fluid filter, Loc-Line nozzle, and flow control.
  • Convenient for parts washing, drying, gauging, or inspection stations.
  • Recommended for parts that are 5 inches or smaller.


  • 14-8FL-545: 8" dia. MiJET® - Angled Top
  • 15-08-2BB: Workstation for 8" dia. MiJET® model - double cutout
  • 15-100: Dip container, 2 gal.

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