Clean Parts, Clean Air with MiJET!

MiJET uses patented valve technology that allows for the
air jet localized cleaning of parts while simultaneously using
suction to capture atomized fluid particles and chip residue.

High Volume, Global Delivery

MiJET's high volume manufacturing capability
provides container shipping to our large industry
customers worldwide.

Innovation, Automation

MiJET designs and builds innovative solutions
for a wide array of industries and
custom automation applications.

The MiJET Story
Connects To Your Shop Air Line
MiJET ® units, powered by air, are used near CNC machines or inspection stations to clean oily residue and chips from parts, they capture that residue with vacuum into a container for recycling. Our patented valve allows an operator to pull the trigger on an air nozzle which simultaneously actuates both an air jet and suction. The air jet allows localized cleaning of parts, while the suction pulls the atomized fluid particles and chip residue downward into a removable container below. MiJET ® should be a key part of your company's Environmental Health and Safety strategy!
I think the MiJET is a great and innovative product! Ever since our shop purchased MiJET units, my grinding area has never been cleaner. Also, not blowing the debris from wet grinders all over the shop, has decreased my asthma symptoms. Thanks!

Tim Miller Tool maker for over 20 years, MachineCraft Inc.

Our MiJET unit is amazing! It really makes a difference in keeping the coolant off of the floor. Thanks for making a great piece of equipment!

Mike Birdwell Owner of Birdwell Machine, LLC, Redmond, WA