MiJET brings Clean Parts and Clean Air to Industrial Settings

What debris can be cleaned off of parts with MiJET®?

Clean Part metal

  • Large fluid drops - oil based lubricants, aqueous lubricants, solvents, etc.
  • Particulates – metal chips, plastic chips, sawdust, etc.


How does MiJET® keep the air cleaner?

  • Atomized particles are drawn down by suction and captured.
  • Aerosol mist is less likely to be inhaled because it is pulled down by suction and accumulates into the container.
  • MiJET Parts Cleaning System12Exhausted air is filtered before exiting.


Why MiJET® is key to Environmental Health and Safety

  • Atomized particles are no longer free to settle on floors, surfaces, or operators’ clothes.
  • Less atomized particles travel in the shop air flow to clog plant air filtering equipment.